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Aguardente de Cana Leblon 75cl

Leblon Leblon


Cachaça , 750 mL
  • Country: Brazil
  • Alc.: 40%
90 pts : Wine Enthusiast

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Cachaça Leblon is a premium cachaça and it has a crystalline colour. From light and fruity aromas, soft notes of sugar cane, tropical fruits, spices and delicate floral notes. Soft and light from start to finish, it is ideal for a perfect caipirinha or even sipped neat.

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Cachaça Leblon | Aguardente de Cana

Cachaça Leblon is a premium cachaça produced from a careful selection of the best sugar cane in Brazil, a carefully executed triple distillation process, and an ageing process in barrels of French oak. Leblon cachaça is recognised as the best cachaça in the world. To be drunk neat or in a caipirinha.

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Aguardente de Cana Leblon 75cl

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