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Brandy Croft 1L

Croft Porto Croft Porto


Aguardente , 1 L
  • Country: Portugal
  • Alc.: 36%

Brandy Croft is smooth and velvety in the mouth. It has an intense and fine aroma, with notes of spices and almonds that are so typical of the best Cognacs. It has a long and harmonious finish.

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Brandy Croft is produced in the house Croft, one of the oldest exporters of Port wine. It's a symbol of quality and tradition. Since 1678 that signs the best Port wines, in tradition and quality of the Douro. Croft is produced based on an established formulation over time. Produced from the finest wines from the Douro region, their maturity makes it a renowned quality brandy, with a mild taste and unique aroma, similar to that recorded in one Port wine.

Grape Varieties:
Blend of aged aguardentes (Brandies).

Tasting Notes:
Brandy Croft has a golden colour. It has a smooth body, a velvet taste and a subtle flavour that gives it a unique aroma.

Store and Serve Advice:
Serving temperature at 18ºC-20ºC with a pre-heated cognac glass.

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Brandy Croft 1L