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Ypioca Cachaça Prata 1L

Cachaça Ypióca Cachaça Ypióca


Cachaça , 1 L
  • Country: Brazil
  • Alc.: 40%
92 pts : Wine Enthusiast

Presents a crystalline colour with a candied fruit scent and a mellow, earthy flavour with a lingering sweet vanilla note. Soft, smooth feel.

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Ypióca Cachaça | Aguardente de Cana

Ypióca was founded in 1843, making it the oldest Brazilian brand still in operation. The name Ypióca comes from the indigenous Tupi-Guarani language, and translates to "red earth," alluding to the fertile soil conducive to farming cane sugar.

Ypioca Silver, it's a distilled Cachaça from fresh pressed sugar cane and aged for two years in Brazilian freijó wood vats. Each bottle is hand-woven in carnauba palm, a tree indigenous to northeastern Brazi

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Ypioca Cachaça Prata 1L