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Port Miniatures Messias 5 X 5cl

Caves Messias Caves Messias


Port Miniatures , 50 mL
  • Country: Portugal
  • Wine Region: Douro
  • Alc.: 20%

A case of 5 Caves Messias Port Miniatures:
Caves Messias Port Miniature White Dry Port, White Sweet Port, Extra Dry White Port, Tawny, Ruby.

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Messias Port Miniatures | 5 X 5cl

Caves Messias Port Miniature of White Dry Port:
It presents a golden light colour. It reveals an extraordinary wood flavour with notes of dry fruits, prevailing the pinions and a slight resin.

Caves Messias Port Miniature of White Sweet Port:
It has a golden colour. Sweet in the taste, nuances of dried fruits. Slight citrus aroma combined with some wood with a resin touch, resulting in a well-balanced final.

Caves Messias Port Miniature of Extra Dry White Port:
It has a golden colour, with wood notes and delicate dry fruits, almonds, and nuts, as well as a mild floral to roses.

Caves Messias Port Miniature of Tawny:
It has a light orange colour. Aromas of stewed red fruit, with hints of vanilla. The palate shows sweet and alcoholic flavour.

Caves Messias Port Miniature of Ruby:
It presents a beautiful ruby colour. Aromas of ripe red fruits and floral notes. It is delicate, with balanced sweetness and pleasant finish.

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Port Miniatures Messias 5 X 5cl