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Cachaça 21 1L

Pirassununga Pirassununga


Cachaça , 1 L
  • Country: Brazil
88 pts : Wine Enthusiast
Cachaça 21 presents a clear colour. It has a sweet scent, with a slight vegetal twang. Sweet flavour, zesty, lightly smoky finish, well balanced with just the right amount of alcohol bite.

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Cachaça 21 | Aguardente de Cana

Cachaça 21 is one of the oldest brands and most traditional cachaçaas on the Brazilian market. This classic cachaca is distilled from fermented juice of regional sugar cane which flourishes in this area of Brazil due to its excellent adaptation to the soil. Cachaca 21 rests in wooden vats for months in the Pirassununga Spirits Company warehouse until reaches the perfect taste and aroma required by the cachaca experts at Pirassunga.  It's the ideal spirit for caipirinha:

Caipirinha Recipe:
Mash 1 lime cut in quarters and 2 teaspoons of sugar in a glass; add 1½ ounces of cachaça 21 and crushed ice; mix well.

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Cachaça 21 1L