Amendoa Amarga Xarão 70cl Expand

Amendoa Amarga Xarão 70cl

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Liqueur , 700 mL
  • Country: Portugal
  • Wine Region: Lisbon
  • Alc.: 20%

Amendoa Amarga (literally "bitter almond Liqueur") presents a yellow straw colour, sweets floral fragrances and notes of almond and vanilla. 

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Amendoa Amarga | Portuguese Liqueur

Amendoa Amarga, a very famous Portuguese liqueur that you should try if you visit Lisbon or even the Algarve, known locally as Amarguinha. Traditionally from Algarve, the most south region of Portugal, Amendoa Amarga is a “must try” if you visit Portugal. A sweet, bitter smooth, a liqueur made from Almonds with a near 20% alcohol, served both at room temperature or with ice, neat or with a few drops of lemon juice, is a nice way to finish your meal.

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Amendoa Amarga Xarão 70cl

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