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Otima 10 Port 50cl

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Warre's Port Warre's Port


10 Year Old Tawny Port , 500 mL
  • Country: Portugal
  • Wine Region: Douro
  • Alc.: 20%
93 pts : Robert Parker

Otima 10 Port it's an aged tawny Port wine that combines the freshness of a 10-year-old tawny port wine with the dry flavours, from the casks-aged of an older tawny Port wine. It has dried apricot flavours and orange marmalade, but there is also dryness from wood ageing and good concentration.

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Warre's has established itself as one of the most sophisticated producers in the Port wine industry. Warre's has a long tradition in producing Port wine engaging total dedication to quality and premium innovation. The launch of Warre's 10 and 20 year Tawny Otima brought a revolution in port wine, introducing a completely new concept, helping to rejuvenate the image of Port wine in the world's major markets. Otima is now widely recognized as a premium benchmark. The merit of Otima was to show the versatility of Port wine as a product, to be consumed at any time of the year and for any consumer. The design of the bottle was combined with an excellent wine that won gold and silver medals in the competitions in which it participated.

Otima 10 Port are aged in the company’s extensive Warre's cellar in Vila Nova de Gaia. Ports aged in the Douro tend to react to the great heat of the summer months by gaining over-strong caramelisedflavours. A small proportion of Douro aged Tawny Ports are normally a valuable addition to the final blend, but in excess, they will unbalance a great aged Tawny Port.

Grape Varieties:
Old Vines

Tasting Notes:
Otima 10 Port is a little dry, fruity with well balanced wood-ageing flavours. The red fruit tones with delicious raisin tastes and touches of wood-aging are well integrated with its acidity. Not too sweet, it finishes with a fresh, rich aftertaste.

Store and Serve Advice:
Serving temperature at 15ºC-16ºC


An excellent 10 years old

I recommend this 10 years old tawny for its flavours which can be compared to those of much older tawnies.

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Warres' Otima10

Le seul tawny 10 ans qui trouve sa place parmi mes achats de portos 30 et 40 ans. Un plaisir à petit prix.

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Otima 10 Port 50cl

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