Ginginha Sem RIval Eduardino Liqueur Expand

Ginginha Sem Rival Eduardino Liqueur 1L

Ginga Sem Rival & Eduardino Ginga Sem Rival & Eduardino


Liqueur , 1 L
  • Country: Portugal
  • Wine Region: Lisbon
  • Alc.: 25,5%

Eduardino it's a liqueur if you visit Lisbon, definitely, you should try, as good or better than Ginjinha, Eduardino it's sweet, like a candy. It is a drink you shouldn't miss, and for those who are truly Ginjinha's lovers, this is also a great suggestion.

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Eduardino Liqueur | Ginginha Sem Rival

Those who visit the city of Lisbon has to, almost necessarily, stopping in small bars on Rua das Portas de Santo Antao and drink a Ginjinha. The Ginjinha is a liqueur and is like the official drink of the city. Being in these taverns and repairing in bottles exposed realises another liquor: The Eduardino. Not as well known as the ginjinha but equally with good flavor, is a liqueur made based in ginjinha (one kind of cherry) but with the mix of anise and labeled in honor of the eduardino, a clown, who worked at the Coliseum (concert hall located on the same street) that have invented the drink. The liqueur is sweet and easy to drink, an authentic treasure hidden in the small streets of Lisbon, which many people consider even better than the ginjinha

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Ginginha Sem Rival Eduardino Liqueur 1L

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