Casal Garcia Sangria Red Expand

Casal Garcia Sangria Red 75cl

Aveleda Aveleda


Red Wine , 750 mL
  • Country: Portugal
  • Wine Region: Vinho Verde Region
  • Alc.: 8%

Casal Garcia Sangria Red is a sweet drink that stands out by its natural fruit aromas, especially the notes of ripe peaches, apples, oranges, citrus, and cinnamon. It has a sweet, fresh and vibrant profile.

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9,95 €

13,25 € per L

Casal Garcia Sangria Red is a sweet drink prepared from the blend of several wonderful red wines and natural fruit juice essences, and spices, as cinnamon, typical of the beautiful Sangria Portuguesa.

Grape Varieties:
Blend of red wines and natural fruit juices.

Tasting Notes:
Casal Garcia Sangria Red is a wonderful drink, sweet, refreshing and very aromatic.

Store and Serve Advice:
Serve cold with or without ice.

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